Imagine the following scenarios:

Home Components

  1. A person rings your doorbell. Sitting in the study, your television immediately senses the ring, and displays the image from the security camera mounted over the door. Seeing it is your neighbor, you remotely open the door.

  2. On your way home from work, and ready to begin a relaxing evening, you select "Entertainment" from the touchpad. Immediately, the lights dim, the shades close, and the piano begins playing in concert with the CD player. A few minutes later, you walk in the door to the perfect atmosphere.

Our Integrated Systems are the most cost effective user interface available today.

IR remotes are most often thought of to control televisions, receivers, and home theater components. At Coast Installations we have discovered that the IR remote is far more useful. The remote for your Integrated System is one of the most flexible, full-featured remotes available today, and in fact can be used to control many other components within a home automation system. Controlling lights and your security system are both possible using our Integrated Systems.

Conventional remote controls that are usually supplied with audio and video components are often difficult to use, and may be designed with many small buttons identically sized and positioned too close together. Button labels are often not very legible, especially in low light (home theater) settings.

Today, a typical home theater system might include a number of components, such as audio amplifier, CD player, tape deck, TV, VCR, a laser disc player, AM/FM radio tuner, satellite receiver, and others. Usually, the remote that is supplied with a central component, such as the amplifier or the TV set, has sufficient capacity to operate its own unit, but may be difficult and/or cumbersome to use for controlling the entire audio/video and home control system.

The system is designed to take the place of all of your existing control panels. Now you can have one easy to use remote to control your entire home, and you can customize it with your favorite command functions, regardless of the brands and models of the various components in your system.

For ease of use, the remote features button "groups", logically placed to eliminate "hunting" around the key pad to find a particular button. With a limited amount of buttons, the remote can actually provide over several hundred different infrared commands, enough to control virtually any fully equipped home automation system and theater system.

At the heart of the system is a sophisticated microprocessor which has the ability to "learn" remote codes from a variety of audio/video components, and can even be "taught" to send a "string" of remote codes in a specific sequence at the touch of a button.

The ergonomically designed remote provides buttons of different size and shape, with many buttons able to output different commands, depending on the source selected. The large, clear LCD window features an alpha-numeric display of functions in easy-to-read text, and the backlighting feature means that you'll easily and quickly find the right button even when the room is dark.

Finally, the smart power conservation feature means that towards the useful end of the battery life, you'll be advised when to change the batteries, long before the memory contents are in danger of being lost.