Security and Electronics Installations

Coast Installations, Inc., was established in 1974. Our experience allows us to make sure that you are getting what you need from our installations.

We can handle the following installation needs:

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Computer Hardware
  • Wireless Networks
  • Communications

  • Home Theater

  • Wired Networks
  • Security Alarms
  • Centralized Vacuum Systems

  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCT)

  • Other

Customer Service

Because your system deserves to be special, you can expect to get exceptional customer service from us as well. We make sure that you are happy with the system you get and that you understand how to use it. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts to see what we
can do for you.

Integrated Systems

We understand convenience, and as technology improves, we are able to keep advancing in such a way that our homes become smarter. At Coast Installations, Inc., we have systems that allow you to control the ambience in your home locally and remotely. That way you can be sure to come home to an atmosphere that will improve your day.

At Coast Installations, Inc., we are working to make your life more convenient.

Shedding Light on the Truth

Light is biologically important to people. You want to make sure that you are getting a lighting system that will make you feel better about life.

Our lighting installations will help you achieve the joy that should be yours when you are at home. Whether you need full spectrum lighting or you need to create a system that makes your home theater system better, we are ready to help you.