Coast Installations offers a wide variety of products to fulfill your acoustical needs.

Acoustical panels, foams, barrier materials, grill cloth fabrics, isolators and diffusors are just a few of the products we provide to help challenging acoustical spaces such as theaters, media rooms and studios sound sensational! Acoustic additions such as these create the affect of realism in the sound. When you are watching a movie and on-screen someone enters the room, you will turn around in your seat thinking someone actually entered the room!



Rooms that are too live or too dead will impact the overall sonic experience. Diffusors break up and distribute sound waves to give your room a more 'open' sound. Diffusion creates a scattering of sound waves to create openness in the acoustic space, thus creating a more natural sound. Diffusion is highly recommended around surround sound speakers to create a non-directional 'pool' of sound.

IsoBloc Isolators

A great sub is not all you need for great bass. Transferring and controlling energy in a room is a big challenge. IsoBloc Isolators are used to decouple the floor or riser in your home theater from the concrete slab or conventional flooring of the room, enhancing the transfer of energy into the seats. This decoupling of the walls from the floor and ceiling, the risers from the floor, with our IsoBloc Isolators will minimize sound transfer and maximize 'butt kickage'!